Trauma 2 Triumph

Turning post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth

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Trauma is life-changing, but doesn't need to be devastating.

Jocelyn addresses both the person in the centre of the event or illness and those who support them.


She welcomes the opportunity to address support organizations, medical personnel, and family caregivers. 




There are healers all around us. Jocelyn’s methods encourage recognizing them, and allowing them to do their magic. There is a difference between being cured and being healed. This is all about healing.


Jocelyn casts a spell over her audiences, sharing stories of trauma to triumph and helping you see how you can thrive following illness or injury.

She experienced two major events that changed her world forever. She was introduced to the healing magic of horses. She was diagnosed and treated for Stage 4a Oral Cancer.


Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

Horses are amazing teachers. They understand the concept of “living in the moment” better than humans ever will. We can learn important life lessons by following their example.The EGCMethod® involves the horse as an active partner in the coaching and healing process.

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